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Daddy Has A Tail!


Camouflage Monkey
Part My Konk
Bum In The Alley
By The Throat
I Miss Her Beer
Chasin' Darla
Sticky and Sweet


Sonic Youth

EVOL is the third studio album by the American alternative rock band Sonic Youth. It was released in May 1986 by SST Records, the band's first release on the label. The noise rock album is notable for being the first with a new drummer, Steve Shelley, replacing Bob Bert, and for showing signs of the band's transition from their no wave past toward a greater pop sensibility.

Tom Violence
Shadow of a Doubt
In the Kingdom #19
Green Light
Death to Our Friends
Secret Girl
Marilyn Moore
Madonna, Sean, and Me


Anderson .Paak

The West Coast-based rapper and singer/songwriter Anderson .Paak showed up frequently on Dr. Dre’s Compton. His third album, his most assured and most personal project yet, is informed by voices from the past and full of guests (the Game, ScHoolboy Q, Talib Kweli) who are given ample space to do their best work. Malibu is an expansive opus that flows in multiple directions like a classic '70s double album.

The Bird
Heart Don't Stand a Chance
The Waters
The Season | Carry Me
Put Me Thru
Am I Wrong
Without You
Parking Lot
Lite Weight
Room in Here
Water Fall (Interluuube)
Your Prime
Come Down
Silicon Valley
The Dreamer

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

Angelo Badalamenti

Finally the reissue you have been waiting for. The soundtrack to Fire Walk With Me (as well as songs from season 2 of Twin Peaks)

Theme From Twin Peaks-Fire Walk With Me
The Pine Float
Sycamore Trees
Don't Do Anything (I Wouldn't Do)
A Real Indication
Questions In A World Of Blue
The Pink Room
The Black Dog Runs At Night
Best Friends
Moving Through Time
Montage From Twin Peaks - : Girl Talk/Birds In Hell/Laura Palmer's Theme/Falling
The Voice Of Love


Zos Kia

ZOS KIA was formed by John Gosling (MEKON), John Balance (COIL) and Min – with guest Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson (THROBBING GRISTLE). Their one and only album, Transparent, was released August 23rd 1983 in a cassette only edition on the now defunct Nekrophile label, Austria. They were the first released recordings of both COIL and ZOS KIA. It was reissued years later by COIL (Threshold House / Eskaton) in an edited edition. The entire recordings are now released on CD/vinyl for the first time and are completely remastered from the unedited tapes. Includes two previously unreleased bonus tracks by AKE (pre-ZOS KIA).

Sicktone - Version 1
Baptism of Fire
Sewn Open
Sicktone - Version 2
Silence & Secrecy (Section)
Truth (Version)
Stealing the Words
On Balance
No Mas
Rape - Live at Equinox, June 21, 1983


Animal Collective

"We didn't use any samplers, just minidiscs. And we've only ever had 2 synths used in Animal Collective, the Roland SH-2 and the Juno-60. We were using both on that material back then… we used lots of pedals and effects processors too and made feedback loops.”

I See You Pan
Pride And Fight
Forest Gospel
There's An Arrow
Lablakely Dress
Tell It To The Mountain
Pumpkin Gets A Snakebite

Fire Of Love

The Gun Club

Listening to that record hammers home a particularly visionary and fierce moment in time when The Gun Club took the raw, dripping meat of shopworn delta blues and infused it with the energy and fire of the Los Angeles punk rock scene. - A blog from 2001.

Sex Beat
Preaching The Blues
Promise Me
She's Like Heroin To Me
For The Love Of Ivy
Fire Spirit
Ghost On The Highway
Jack On Fire
Black Train
Cool Drink Of Water
Good By Johnny