RSD Black Friday 11.26.21

Happy start to the holiday season with RSD Black Friday! Thanks for following our health guidelines and our general RSD guidelines.

How things will work on the drop dates:
? Open normal hours (11 AM – 7 PM).
? Preorders and holds are NOT allowed.
? Only 1 copy of a title per person!

? Masks are required for all shoppers.
? At the beginning of the day, we will be allowing 8 people in the store at a time. After an initial rush, we will be open as normal.
? Items are organized by artist last name or by title for soundtracks and compilations. RSD layout will be the same as previous dates.
? Anyone waiting outside should distance from other groups.
? Remaining RSD Black Friday exclusives will be posted in our online inventory list and available for order on Saturday. Once they are available our list post will have an order button appear.

116 S Linn St, Iowa City IA
(319) 337-5029