record store day

Happy RSD Black Friday 2022!
Thanks for following our RSD guidelines.

How things will work:
? Open normal hours (11 AM – 7 PM).
? Preorders and holds are NOT allowed.
? Only 1 copy of a title per person!

? At the beginning of the day, we will be allowing 10 people in the store at a time. After an initial rush, we will be open as normal.
? Items are organized by artist last name or by title for soundtracks and compilations. RSD layout will be the same as previous dates.
? Anyone waiting outside should be respectful of other groups (no loud music, leave some space, etc).
? Masks are no longer required.
? Remaining RSD exclusives will be posted in our online inventory list and available for order on Saturday. Once they are available we will make a new Update on the website.

116 S Linn St, Iowa City IA
(319) 337-5029