Modern Day

Record Collector is the physical release music destination of Iowa City, Iowa. We buy and sell new and used vinyl, and take pride in offering what we consider to be the finest selections in music. Our aim is to make collectors out of enthusiasts, and enthusiasts out of collectors.

Record Collector started as one crate of used records, sold by consignment out of a comic book store named Barfunkel's.

Before long, this business needed space to grow - a store of it's own. We found just enough room on Prentiss street to house our expanding collection. But it wasn't enough. The primary goal of this store was to exist no longer than a year, and to move downtown from there.

That goal was met right on time, as the inevitable traffic of music enthusiasts found us moving to a space that could house them as well. A second floor space on Linn Street brandished our wares for thirteen years.

Those enthusiasts we mentioned... some of them wanted jobs.

During this era, our store truly thrived. Despite the arrival of "CD mania", we continued to carry a full-bodied stock of vinyl inventory. We even started to make a little music of our own.

Needless to say, we were elated.

We owe our continued success to the patronage of those who choose to make the music their own. While they may not always take it home, the combing of dedicated souls through our racks is the surest sign of life for a record store.

Another thing that has set us apart is our own fandom. Displays like this wall are a testament to what we like, what we listen to, and what we'd recommend to someone who looks a little lost.

If you worked here, chances are you were ribbed on a regular basis.

In June of 2000, Matador Records held a nationwide contest to promote Belle & Sebastian's new album, "Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant". The prompt was to send in a photo which best showcased the album. We think it's fairly clear who won.

We've since continued a tradition of carrying and promoting the forefront of today's eclectic selection of sounds.

Thin Drum is the debut release of former employee Jake's label, Kind Gesture Records. You can check that out here.

This is where you can find us.

Swing on by.