Do you buy used items from individuals?

Yes we do! Please read on to find out what we will buy and what we won’t buy. Also know that we do not assess the value of records for your own sales or for insurance value – we only offer our pay-out prices for items based on title and condition. We must see the actual items to offer a pay-out price. We cannot make offers over the phone or via email (even with photographs). We now require appointments to sell items – please call or email to set one up (information at bottom of page).

What kinds of used items do you buy?

We buy some LPs, CDs, 45s, cassette tapes and music-related/concert DVDs. We also buy working component turntables, amplifiers receivers and some speaker sets. Normally it takes us longer to assess equipment because checking the condition and functionality takes more time.

We DON’T buy 78s (shellac records), reel-to-reels, 8-track tapes, memorabilia, movie DVDs, CD players, console players or all-in-one players (with built-in speakers, like Crosleys or Victrolas). Be aware that there is no premium paid for autographed items.

What genres or artists do you buy?

In general, we only buy records from 1960 or after. We are looking for rock and pop, soul, blues, R&B, combo jazz, hip-hop, punk, metal, and some country & folk. Not all artists will be purchased within those genres. Especially when it comes to country & folk, we are looking for well-known or classic artists like Johnny Cash, Willie, Nelson, Hank Williams, Dolly Parton or Wanda Jackson (as well as some modern country artists).

We DON’T buy classical, easy listening/vocalist, kid’s records, most big band, nor many compilations/musical recordings or holiday records.

Common Record Types. 12-inch vinyl. Usually LP (long-play) record 33 rpm. Sometimes 12” single/EP (extended-play) record 45 rpm. 10-inch shellac 78 rpm. Requires specialized needle to play. 7-inch vinyl. Usually 45 rpm single. Sometimes 33 rpm EP (extended-play) record.

What does the condition have to be for you to buy?

Except in the case of very rare items, most records need to be in VG to VG+ (Goldmine grading) condition for us to purchase. A VG+ condition record will show some signs that it was played and otherwise handled by a previous owner who took good care of it. Defects should be more cosmetic and only affect play marginally (such as sleeve scuffs). CDs or DVDs should show nearly no marks – and if there are slight scuffs they should be on the outer edge of the disc. All turntables must be in working condition for us to purchase, cosmetic scuffs are usually okay.

LPs, CDs and DVDs need to have the jacket or case for us to purchase. 45s will be bought without a picture sleeve, but if they were stored outside of a paper sleeve, it is likely the condition of the vinyl itself is affected. The jacket does not need to be in VG+ condition but cannot have serious mold or mildew damage, as that has likely affected the record, as well.

Please note that records are often warped if they were stored for long periods of time when not completely upright. Warped records are not purchased as they often skip.

How much do you pay for used items?

Prices are ENTIRELY dependent on the specific title and the condition of the exact item. Average pay-outs are listed below, but some less sought after titles will be less and rare or more valuable items will be more.
LPs: $2-5 per item for vintage titles, more for some current titles
CDs/DVDs: $1-3 per item
45s: $0.25-$2 per item
Cassettes: $0.25-3 per item
Turntables: $20-100 or more per item, highly dependent on model

We will visually inspect every LP, CD, 45 and cassette. We will play-test any equipment. For this reason, we need to see each item to assess our pay-outs.

How many do you buy and how can I bring them in?

We buy small bunches of records to entire collections. If you have less than 350 items, we normally expect them to be brought down to our brick-and-mortar shop during business hours. Before you bring any items down to sell, you must call (319-337-5029) or email ( to make an appointment. At that time you will be asked to let us know some of the artists/genres and the quantity (number of crates, etc.). For large quantities, we sometimes need to keep items overnight. We RARELY buy entire collections.

For larger collections (more than 500 LPs), we may be able to offer home visits in Eastern Iowa. Please contact us at or give us a call if you have a larger collection to sell

116 S Linn St, Iowa City IA
(319) 337-5029