RSD Drops Procedures

RSD Drops Procedures

RSD Drops 8-29-2020 Only at Indie Record Stores

The first RSD Drops date is coming up! We know everyone’s excited for the exclusive releases, but we know we have to take precautions since there’s a pandemic going on.

How things will work on the 29th:
? Opening 1 hour early (hours will be 10 AM – 6 PM).
? Masks are always required and we will ask shoppers to continue wearing gloves through the end of the month.
? The list of items we actually received should be posted a day beforehand on social media and here in on our updates page.
? Preorders and holds are not allowed (orders can be placed after Saturday, only).
? Our 5 person max capacity will still be in effect (when someone leaves a staff member will let in the next shopper).
? We will do our best to organize releases so customers can socially distance in our little space.
? Anyone waiting outside will need to follow social distancing markings (maintain a 6 foot distance from other customers/wear a face covering).
? NO appointments will be accepted that day.
? Remaining RSD Drops exclusives will be posted in our online inventory list and available for order on Sunday morning.

Shop With Us!

Shop With Us!

We are doing business a little differently than normal, but we hope you’ll still try to get music from us (or order a gift certificate)!

How can I place an order?

Payment options

– PayPal
– credit cards via telephone
– purchase through Discogs

Shipping and Pickup

– free delivery to Iowa City most days of the week
– pick up at our store
– USPS shipping (flat $4.50 Media Mail for orders of any size)

How can I browse inside the store?

  • 5 customer max capacity allows for limited walk-ins.
  • Schedule a private shopping time online 24 hours ahead or call/email to book.
  • All shoppers will be REQUIRED to wear a mask or face covering. Please sanitize your hands coming in. We are providing gloves for customers that would like them.
116 S Linn St, Iowa City IA
(319) 337-5029